Arts Ed Collective 2022-23 End of Year Report

(Photo Caption) Moon Phases Animation Project with first grade students at Arts in Action Community Charter School (East Los Angeles)

This past year, the Arts Ed Collective celebrated 20 years of service to the young people of LA County and acknowledged the hundreds of new and longstanding partners who came together to accomplish what none of us could have achieved alone. This report summarizes the Arts Ed Collective’s activities and events from the July 2022 through June 2023 fiscal year.

Now more than three years into LA County’s adoption of the Arts for All Children, Youth, and Families: LA County’s Regional Blueprint for Arts Education (Arts Ed Blueprint), read more about how the Arts Ed Collective is continuing to work to ensure future generations have access to a culturally relevant, responsive, and sustaining arts education, in schools and in communities, that allows every young person to develop the skills, perspectives, and self-awareness to reach their full potential.

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