Every year, the Department of Arts and Culture looks for prospective panelists to serve on review panels for our Grants and Civic Art programs. Nominations are accepted on a rolling basis, with the list of panelists updated on a quarterly basis. Honorariums are provided for panelists who participate in a grant review panel or artist selection committee.

Panelists review, assess, and score grant applications and artist proposals. Panelists’ assessments and scores become the basis for applicant rankings and recommendations to the Arts Commission. Panelists do not recommend funding amounts or set the cut-off score below which applicants are not funded.

To further promote equity, panelists selected to serve on a grant panel are provided implicit bias training with a particular focus on the grantmaking process. Individuals who have pending grant applications with the Department of Arts and Culture are prohibited from serving on panels that review those applications.

Nominate a Panelist

Individuals can nominate up to four panelists for one or more programs by providing their information in our application form. If you want to nominate more than four individuals, you may use the same link to provide additional nominations.

Already a Panelist?

Find important information including documents, links, and panel dates for the panel upon which you will be serving:

OGP Panelists

Supports nonprofit arts organizations based in LA County.

CIAG Panelists

Supports LA County nonprofit organizations that use the arts to carry out their mission.

Advancement Grant Panelists

Supports LA County school districts with funds to implement arts education initiatives.

Civic Art Panelists

Identifying artists and design professionals for participation on Arts Commission's Civic Art Project Coordination Committees.