In its second evaluation of the Creative Wellbeing approach, Harder+Company Community Research found that young people who participated experienced positive social-emotional benefits while also exploring their interests, building technical art skills, and increasing their access to the arts. Adults who participated in the program are experiencing and embodying Creative Wellbeing values and healing themselves through this work. They further found that
This third study by SMU DataArts analyzing the demographic makeup of the arts and cultural workforce in LA County finds a significant shift toward greater racial and ethnic diversity since 2019, particularly at the leadership level.
Civic Art Division annual report for the 2022-23 fiscal year.
This past year, the Arts Ed Collective celebrated 20 years of service to the young people of LA County and acknowledged the hundreds of new and longstanding partners who came together to accomplish what none of us could have achieved alone
The 2022-23 County Wide Cultural Policy Report collectes updates on how the Department of Arts and Culture is implementing the Countywide Cultural Policy.
The Civic Art Demographics Study, a collaboration between Arts and Culture’s Research and Evaluation and Civic Art divisions, is a comprehensive analysis of artworks and artists in the Collection. It is one part of a broader initiative to review Civic Art policies, procedures, commissions, and support for artists. Research consultant Special Service for Groups, Inc. (SSG) conducted the study on behalf of Arts and Culture and prepared the report.
With this activity kit, create a version of "Con Mucho Amor" by Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia with household items like a few sheets of paper and some pens.
This study explores the role that young adult advisory councils (YAACs) can play in helping arts and culture nonprofits address emerging issues, better understand the communities they serve, and achieve their missions. Through interviews with 25 YAAC managers and participants at arts nonprofits across the US, five key themes emerged:
Inspired by nature’s power to inspire and heal, artist Renée Fox’s mural Sunrise over the San Gabriels, created in 2021, invites visitors to the Olive View Restorative Care Village in Sylmar to contemplate the splendor of the local landscape and native flora and fauna. Throughout Fox’s coloring book are illustrations, which capture the native birds, plants, and butterflies of the San Gabriel foothills. The artist hopes that her mural and this coloring book will inspire curiosity and exploration of the natural world
LA General Medical Center has a long and storied history of providing health and medical services for greater Los Angeles. LA General Child Care Center is located directly west of the iconic General Hospital in Boyle Heights. This Community Coloring Zine is an extension of the mural, "On The Same Team," created by artist Andrew Hem for the exterior wall of the Child Care Center.
Civic Art Division annual report for the 2021-22 fiscal year.
To kick off our anniversary celebration, Supervisor Holly J. Mitchell authored a motion to commemorate 75 years of arts and culture in LA County, which the Board unanimously passed. And to continue the celebration, we've created a special 75 Years of Arts and Culture report.
The drawings for this book were created by artist Olalekan Jeyifous and are inspired by his aluminum mural installation "Canyon Dreamscape," a commission by the LA County Department of Arts and Culture for the Olive View Restorative Care Village in Sylmar, California.
The drawings for this book were created by artist Cheryl Molnar and inspired her glass mosaic mural, "Birds in Flight," a commission by the LA County Department of Arts and Culture for the High Desert Restorative Care Village in Lancaster, California.
This coloring book was created by artist Christine Nguyen and is inspired by her three artworks the artist created for the Sheila Kuel Family Health and wellness Center in San Fernando California.